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Drury Lane helps Human Aid Volunteers


One of the volunteers observes the vehicle alignment

Paul Wighton wishes them all the best

Alignment and Geometry

This weekend the Oldham unit of Human Aid are heading over to Syria with the help of Drury Lane Services.  The vehicles that will shortly make the 3081 mile journey were brought in to us for 4 wheel alignment and geometry checks to ensure that the vehicles were fuel efficient and handled well for these passionate and committed drivers who will make a big difference to the lives of those in need this Christmas time.  With adjustments to the alignment and geometry, these specialist 4 wheel drive ambulances will handle better over varying terrain and ensure the safest possible journey to help for those injured or unwell in Syria.  The pictures demonstrate our highly trained staff using the Hunter DSP600 alignment geometry imaging system to resolve existing problems with the ambulances including steering wheel not straight, pulling left and right and uneven tyre wear.  The Human Aid Volunteers Juhelmiah, Alom and Roman were delighted with the outcome and we would like to wish them a very successful and safe journey.