Drury Lane helps Human Aid Volunteers

Alignment and Geometry This weekend the Oldham unit of Human Aid are heading over to Syria with the help of Drury Lane Services.  The vehicles that will shortly make the 3081 mile journey were brought in to us for 4 wheel alignment and geometry checks to ensure that the vehicles were fuel efficient and handled well …Continue reading »

VW and Audi Turbo Diesel Vehicle Lacking Power

Here at Drury Lane Services our VW and Audi turbo diesel vehicle owning customers have recently complained regularly about a lack of power when driving.  In order to resolve this problem for so many of our valued customers, our highly qualified vehicle technicians carried out an in-depth investigative procedure.  Our technicians reported that in all …Continue reading »

Help Us to Help You – Tell Us the Whole Story.

A regular customer brought her Peugeot 206 to Drury Lane Services this week requesting a 4 wheel alignment and Geometry check following a series of steering problems she had been experiencing recently.  During normal driving conditions she explained that the car felt very unstable and that the steering was pulling to the right and to the left …Continue reading »

Using 4 Wheel Alignment and Geometry to get to the Root of the Problem

Situated on the border of Chadderton, Failsworth, Oldham and Hollinwood, Drury Lane Services was the perfect garage for the owner of an Audi TT who had recently moved into the area from Stockport.  The customer had taken the Audi TT for an M.O.T test in Failsworth and unfortunately the vehicle failed the test due to …Continue reading »

How Our 4 wheel Alignment and Geometry Imaging System Can Help to Eliminate Problems, Not Just Identify Them.

A customer visited the 4 wheel alignment geometry bay at the garage this week complaining that his Mercedes Benz ‘C’ class was pulling to the left hand side of the road and the steering wheel alignment was incorrect (not straight).  The customer had been experience problems with the steering wheel alignment since he purchased the …Continue reading »

How a service and wheel alignment can save you hundreds of pounds

A worrying trend is being displayed across the UK as more and more motorists try to beat the current financial climate by skipping having their car serviced, according to recent AA surveys. But a missed service could cost thousands over the life of a car and prove this “cost-cutting” exercise to be a false economy. …Continue reading »

Why we need to check the rear wheels for correct alignment when doing four wheel alignment, geometry and tracking checks

Only checking and adjusting the front tracking or toe on your car alone will not solve your handling problems. You need to check your rear wheels too. Why is that, I hear you ask. Surely the steering is done by the front wheels? Well, take this recent scenario that happened to one of our customers. …Continue reading »

What’s the difference between 4 wheel alignment and tracking?

Tracking on the front wheels is sometimes called ‘two wheel alignment’. This does not take into account the direction in which the rear wheels are pointing. Therefore, if you have the front wheels adjusted and set straight and if the rear wheels are out of alignment then the car may pull and/or your tyres may …Continue reading »