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VW and Audi Turbo Diesel Vehicle Lacking Power

Here at Drury Lane Services our VW and Audi turbo diesel vehicle owning customers have recently complained regularly about a lack of power when driving.  In order to resolve this problem for so many of our valued customers, our highly qualified vehicle technicians carried out an in-depth investigative procedure.  Our technicians reported that in all cases, the diaphragm in the turbo articulator was leaking and due to the sealed nature of this unit the leak was irreparable and needed to be replaced.

Fitting the new diaphragm is just the first stage in resolving the issue with the lack of power in the VW and Audi turbo diesel vehicles, the second stage is to configure the unit to the vehicle itself.  The configuration process is performed using a specialist diagnostic computer which we have available here at Drury Lane Services and can operate at a fraction of the cost of a main dealership.  The specialist equipment that we use is identical to that used at all main dealerships.

During the configuration process, the turbo actuator valve is adjusted in line with the readings of the adaptation channel.  Two adjustments need to be made in order to achieve optimum power in the VW and Audi turbo diesel vehicles.  The first adjustment is made whilst reading the voltage when the valve is closed and the second when the valve is open.

The diagnostic, configuration and adaptation processes are critical to this repair and unless the adjustments are carried out accurately by experienced vehicle technicians such as ours, the turbo will continue to malfunction and the customer will continue to experience a lack of power in their VW and Audi turbo diesel vehicle.