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How a service and wheel alignment can save you hundreds of pounds

Getting your car serviced can save you hundreds of pounds

Getting your car serviced can save you hundreds of pounds

A worrying trend is being displayed across the UK as more and more motorists try to beat the current financial climate by skipping having their car serviced, according to recent AA surveys.

But a missed service could cost thousands over the life of a car and prove this “cost-cutting” exercise to be a false economy.

Car servicing costs are renowned for being expensive, especially at franchised dealerships, but this cost is nothing compared to the cost that the motorist will have to pay a year or two down the line for repairs to faults that could have been sorted much sooner and much cheaper at the missed car service.

Don’t forget, cars that don’t have a full service history also have a much lower resale value too.

Missing just one service on a car over three years old could potentially cost the owner more than £2,200 over its life – according to recent research by insurance and warranty company MB&G. This is based on the average cost of repairing some of the major issues that could have been stamped out early (and more importantly, cheaply) during a service.

These issues include full four wheel alignment, which can wear the tyres if left unchecked, costing anything up to £600, driveshaft and steering rack wear (which could cost around the same if both need replacing), and low oil, which can lead in the worst cases to a broken engine – with a cost of refurbishment around £1,000.

This very costly exercise in trying to save money is a very short-term view that many would not take if they knew the ultimate cost that missing a car service could be.

Full four wheel alignment and geometry checks in one of the Drury Lane wheel alignment bays starts at only £40 plus VAT for every vehicle.

A service in one of the Drury Lane car servicing bays starts at only £69.
Don’t make a decision that could save a few pounds this month, but cost you hundreds of pounds in a few months.